International Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Demining and Range Clearance

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)
and landmines are...

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Ammunition Demilitarization

The need for ammunition
demilitarization has evolved...

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EOD and Demining Equipment.

I.E.O.D provides a one stop
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Company Profile

International Explosive Ordnance Disposal Engineering Ltd. (I.E.O.D) was founded
in 1985 with the vision of transporting years of military know how in the fields of EOD,
Demilitarization and Demining to the civilian market.
The company, which was the first of its kind to be incorporated in Israel, holds an
unblemished reputation derived from more than 20 years of substantial operational
experience. Since the early 90’s and until today the company is an accredited and well-
respected source of E.O.D technologies and methods of operations.
I.E.O.D offers a diversified variety of services pertaining to numerous ammunition related

The company is currently owned and managed by two retired senior officers
from I.D.F’s E.O.D alignment. Both Mr. Gilad Salomon and Mr. Eyal Shahal served
as Commanders of the Bomb Disposal Squadron in the Special Operations
Engineering Unit and as such, gained enormous experience in ammunition
disposal, U.X.O neutralization, Demining, I.E.Ds (Improvised Explosive Devices)
Counter measures and Render-safe procedures, Counter-terrorism, Breaching
and other explosives related fields.

IEOD prides itself in its employees, most of which are retired officers and NCOs with
extensive military background from I.D.F’s Special Operations Engineering Unit.
All of our employees are chosen not only by their professional background,
but also by their approach to safety procedures and their managerial capabilities.
Our company puts an emphasis on the know-how of its personnel and invests
significant resources in the preparation of its personnel prior to every project or assignment.

I.E.O.D Engineering Ltd. specializes in the following topics:
  • Range and facility clearance: Range and industrial facility’s clearance from any explosive
    materials including unexploded bomblets, explosive residues and ammunition remnants.
  • Demining: Minefields and Battle Area Clearance (BAC).
  • Ordnance Disposal: Disposal of any type of UXO (Unexploded Ordnance).
  • Demilitarization: Demilitarization, dismantlement and destruction of out-dated or obsolete ammunition.
  • Ordnance Recycling: Recovery of ammunition components and substances for reutilization through controlled dismantlement.
  • Training: Training personnel of all levels in demolition, counter-terrorism I.E.D.D and EOD procedures.
  • Fast deployment: EOD fast deployment teams, consisting of highly trained and well equipped professionals on standby to undertake EOD or I.E.D.D troubleshooting world-wide.
  • Cross-sections: Manufacturing Cross-sections,models and mock-ups of ammunitions
    for training and demonstrating purposes.
  • Suppliers: A one stop shop for EOD and Demining gear including exclusive
    patented technologies for the treatment of NBC components.

All aspects of activities conducted by I.E.O.D are implemented under the supervision of the company’s strict quality assurance policy which adheres to the quality standards of ISO 9001:2000.

I.E.O.D attaches primary importance to safety. Our S.O.P (Standard Operating Procedure) is extremely comprehensive and detailed. Prepared specifically to suit each project, our S.O.P combines years of field experience with safety regulations from the I.D.F, the U.S Navy and the U.N’s regulations and Guidelines.

All activities conducted by I.E.O.D are fully insured against public, product and employer’s liabilities.

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