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Demining and Range Clearance

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)
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Demining and Range Clearance

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and landmines are an international hazard with
enormous Commercial and Humanitarian effects.

In some cases Humanitarian Demining and Range Clearance coupled with
an effective MRE program serve an immediate life saving purpose. In other situations
Commercial Demining and area reduction serve as an efficient means for utilization
of land resources.

At IEOD we focus our local and International efforts at supplying the highest quality
of clearance services to both the Humanitarian and the Commercial sectors.
For Demining and Range Clearance the company utilizes the following procedures:

  • Visual inspections – A large EOD team sweeping an area in order to
    identify on the surface UXOs including bomblets, scattered ammunitions,
    duds etc.
  • Manual Demining- Using the most up to date Mine detectors and Demining
    gear coupled with our highly trained Deminers.
  • Mechanical Demining – A variety of Small, Medium and Large Flails
    from the world’s leading producers.
  • MDD – Mine Detection Dogs are either used as a complementary
    method with Mechanical Demining or as a mean of Q.A.
  • Mechanical Soil Separation – Mechanically separating the soil of a
    contaminated area into groups varying by their physical size, thus
    allowing a controlled process of ammunition/mine identification.
  • Deep Ground Search: Using Magnetometers, TR units and GPR systems.
  • Effective MRE Programs – Teaching local populations the basic rules
    in order to reduce the risks involved in adjacent contaminated areas.

IEOD has successfully performed dozens of Demining and Range Clearance
operations both in Israel and abroad. Our international partners and allies allow
us to shorten our response and mobilization time world-wide.
IEOD's SOP generates from over 20 years of practical field experience
and complies with the UN- International Mine Action Standards (IMAS).

Through over 20 years of experience, dozens of projects, thousands of acres
cleared and over 150,000 mines and UXOs disposed of the company retains an
unblemished safety and Q.A. record.
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